I haven’t really talked about who I really am. I’m not going to elaborate and give many details away because, privacy. At least I’ll try not to… I’m a reformed loudmouth though so, not making any promises. Hmmm… where to start.

I was a quiet kid who liked books, rocks, crystals, digging in the dirt and exploring the woods. I prefered to be alone or have one or two friends around. I was never much for loud noises. My sun sign is Virgo and I was definitely a little neurotic. But I am also a Scorpio Moon/Ascendant so I was also weird as fuck, obviously. I saw ghosts and talked about death and paranormal things. Haha… I laugh about it now but I’m sure I was strange to some folks. But about that… people either love me or hate me. And I mean hate me. Some people usually have a fairly severe reaction to me. I used to think it was my goofiness that was offputting but I can be pretty funny sometimes and I’m not a mean person so why all the hate?

As I grew older I realized that was just something inside themselves saw something inside me that resonated and the person was not ready to deal with that aspect of themselves so they took their anger out on me. It’s like they get offended I subconsciously made them think about something they hate about themselves. But wouldn’t you, subconsciously get offended? Probably not these days but when I was doing drugs and hating myself I definitely would have. I was working very hard at stuffing those pieces of myself away and  here you come flaunting them around like you love yourself. Fuck you.

Thankfully, I’ve overcome that with a smack in the face from the Self Awareness Fairy. That “fuck you” is now a “thank you”.

Ahh… I see I have gone off topic. Ain’t no big deal. I’m just letting the universe tell me where to go. And since my child is at my parents house for the weekend I am about to take a nap. Can you believe it? I get to take a nap! Fuck yeah!

Definitely gonna meditate later but to tell you the truth, I have no plans but to love myself and everyone around me.