I finally took a shower and it feels like I put on new skin. Good Goddess, showers are so amazing. So is this pomegranate juice. I can literally feel the bright and shiny energy buzzing around me and my newly washed meat bag. 

I don’t get a bunch of time to myself so I try and bring a crystal in the shower with me and meditate that way. Sometimes I put on a guided meditation if there is something particular I need working on. Other times I just let the universe take me where I need to go. Tonight I had a piece of Opalite and focused on transitioning and surrendering to the spiritual awakening process.

For the past couple of days I had been really trying to control shit that was out of my control and guess who was having a bad time? This bitch!

So today I said “FUCK THE CHORES” and tried to relax and take it easy. Not take on so much or promise to do a bunch of shit that’s just going to stress me out. Yeah, I still did the chores because I’m a Virgo sun and I just can’t help it. But I didn’t force myself to jump around like a monkey trying to get every single thing done around the houes. Besides, when I try and do that I end up getting the least amount of stuff done. Totally counterproductive and I feel like an asshole. 

SO YEAH… relaxation and reflection was my theme today. I’m honestly only writing right now just so I can say that I wrote something today.

Thanks for reading if you happened upon it. Hope I didn’t make you want to tear your eyes out with too many run-on sentences. 

Love & Light, bitches. ❤